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Culture Services Kaiku is a family-owned business from South Karelia, which has produced a wide range of customer-oriented, high-quality events, programs and cultural services for different needs and events since 2000. In our program and event products we present, among other things, our rich Finnish culture, our sometimes even wild history, our incredibly beautiful nature and our mythology, which has already fallen a bit into oblivion. We combine them creatively by, for example, implementing them as different program event packages in the middle of the forest. It’s needless to say that our program also contains a lot of fun!

Over the years, we have also built a flexible network of partners, which includes excellent professionals from different sectors, e.g. nature experts, performers, artists, etc. In addition to complete events, you can also book individual performances from us, for example for your evening gathering, bachelor party, team meeting, conference break or as an addition to your excursion programs. Also, we can provide manpower when you are organizing your own event. With one phone call, we will assist you with the program, the doormen and sound reinforcement.

We have also produced cultural services for various municipalities and related events throughout our history. These comprise arrangements for national holidays celebrations as well as various concerts, tours, training events and collaboration projects. Over the years, our experience and professionalism has become quite versatile!

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ATTENTION: We are making new websites, which includes for example our new brand Nature Saimaa. The new websites are being published during this spring! Meanwhile you can have a look of our nature excursions from here: